Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 19: Contrition

Attack on Sunday.  When the Empire of Japan made an attack on the emphamis day of December 7, 1941, it was no accident that it was a Sunday.  The day of rest in our western culture is a known chink in our defensive armour. 

I mention this because it's perhaps no accident that this, the nineteenth day of my thirty day challenge, is the first day when I've been totally unprepared to make a meaningful blog entry.  I'm not really done resting, I suppose.

Oddly, there are many things I could talk about.  I could talk about the looming crisis of the student debt bubble and college funding in general.  I could recount what I've just read about the connection between Turing and the modern day search engine or about the pre-mature ending of von Neumann's life.

Or, I could talk about how beautiful my son is and how inexplicably lucky I am in many things.

But, I can't really formulate how to do that without boring myself; or worse yet, repeating myself.

So, instead of any of that, and as it is Sunday, I will instead make the following statement of contrition.

I am, from time to time:
  1. irrationally impatient
  2. mean and uncaring
  3. crude and crass
  4. temperamental and short-fused
  5. condescending and unforgiving
  6. short-sited
  7. self-centered
  8. brutish and in-artful
  9. and worst of all, boring
For all these things and more I am sorry.  I regret not finding a way to change my many flaws up 'til now and I promise to re-double my efforts to find redress. 


  1. someone is having a rough day! try some yoga and tea, old man!