Saturday, December 15, 2012

Here's the thing...

I forgive Adam Lanza.

It's seems the ultimate hubris.  In some real way I can't forgive the shooter of 20 innocent children and 6 adults including his mother.  Nevertheless, I do.  Let me tell you how I get the nerve.

Adam Lanza is my enemy.  He is the embodiment of evil and it's none too hard to imagine that he might just have well have killed my beautiful child, or the love of my life; herself a teacher.  There is no language strong enough to tell you how much I abhor what Adam has done, and I feel the HATRED that would swallow us all. 

But I believe that my abhoration for this act of evil; this travesty, is no smaller than the abhoration that God has for all our many sins, as individuals and as a society; and it must be ESPECIALLY acute knowing that he sent his son who SACRIFICED himself for all of us. 

So, the forgiveness that I've received is the forgiveness that I extend. 

It's too late for Adam.  Adam is dead and we must tend to the living and the grieving. It is right and it is just to do so.  It is critical to do so.  It is critical to count what we've lost, what we are still losing day to day, and to think how we can make it better; a little at a time.

But I feel a deep sadness.  I feel the sadness for everyone whom I've ignored and I haven't done everything I could to reach out to.  I'm sad for the suffering, I'm sad for the sick, I'm sad for the downtrodden, the abused, and the used.

We need healing in our society, so let it start with me.  Dear Lord, as you welcome the innocent into heaven and judge the guilty, here is my prayer; forgive me for the selfish times when I've put myself first, and continue to send me occasions in which my actions, my care and my compassion can make a difference.  I want to be last and least.  Let me live for the well-being of others, and in the example of Jesus.  Amen. 


  1. I hope to God he is not related neither Mario Lanza nor Walter Lantz (his real family name was Lanza!)

  2. Believe it or not, Nancy Lanza and her son, both are direct descendents of Joseph Goodhue and Sarah Whipple and they are related to a man, also a direct descendant of Joseph Goodhue and Sarah Whipple, is none other than a hero who gave his life saving a young girl in Florida, "Uncle" Alan Burton Hall!