Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 21: Nerd Alert

I just realised a ... troublesome fact.  The current plan, which no longer has any known roadblocks preventing its completion, is to close on our first house, and to finally become actual adult-like home owners this Friday.  This Friday is May 4th, as in, May the 4th be with us. 

I imagine myself getting up that morning (my wife and I have both cleared our schedules for this momentous event; an undertaking fraught with pitfalls that might need last minute addressing (hopefully not! Universe, I'm watching you!)) and saying to Tabitha at the inception of our undertaking, "May the 4th be with us!", at which time Tabitha will give me her patented 'I can't believe I'm married to you and I have to spend the rest of my life with you you aren't funny don't even try please try to be normal so you don't embarrass the crap out of me or I will kill you with my MIND BEAMS' look. 

I know it's coming.  However, like Heisenberg's principle applied to blogging, we cannot observe or make a stated expectation of a thing without disturbing it's happening.  All in all, it's probably for the best because Tabitha reads this blog and so she'll have more time to prepare a suitably dismissive yet loving response ahead of time.

So, that's not the problem.  Our marriage is well-used to my geekiness shining through (that's a light I CANNOT hide under a bushel).  The problem is, the lawyer, loan officer, real-estate agent, maybe the insurance agency guy, and who knows, maybe even the sellers (or anyone else in the room) might not be ready for my inability to stop referring ironically and with jest to the current date.

They might think me mad (and in fairness, maybe I am), and might not have bargained on selling a house to a lunatic or a geek.  I shall have to endeavour to tone it down, at least until the papers are signed and notarized (are they going to be notarized; that's the thing I really don't like, we have only a vague understanding of what to expect.  Oh well, like the Millennium Falcon into the asteroid field we go, hopefully we'll too escape any Space Slugs we might inadvertently fly into).  

In other news, this band, is really good.  I am a blue grass fiend.  Is there a word for a person who is a blue grass lover/nerd?  Let me check Google real quick... nope, Google doesn't know either, that's disappointing.  Maybe I should coin a term right here and see if it sticks.... hmmm.... I got nothing.  (Bluegrass-ophile?, nah!)

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