Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 25: If There Ain't No Honky Tonks in Heaven...

... I'm Stayin' Here.  Not really, I haven't attached a rider to the deal concerning my eternal reward... nor could I.  However, that's a song lyric from the catchy closing diddy by a band called "J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices", who just finished opening for "Whiskey Gentry" (they're setting up on stage now). 

It rained a good portion of the day today (it poured the rain, as they say around here) while Tabitha and I were cleaning up in the new house, Oliver played around at our feet, we slapped a few test strips of paint on the wall, and generally tried to wrap our brains around what we've gotten ourselves in to.   Luckily the weather has cleared up of late.  J.P. Harris,  when he was on stage, claimed to have "honky tonked" the weather away, so maybe that's a thing!?

One of the great things about the culture around here is the connection to deeply rooted music; going all the way back to the original Carter family recordings made just down the road in Bristol, VA back in 1927.  These bands are both here in connection with the Bristol Rhythm and Roots organization which is really good at bringing great up and coming bands to the region and getting their names out (thanks Dave Stallard, our local organizer).  I highly recommend you check out both of these bands and Bristol Rhythm and Roots.

Whiskey Gentry is on now, and any band that features a fiddle immediately has my ear... gotta go!

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